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Emil Lassaria & Caitlyn Fiesta liveact

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July 2013

Emil Lassaria & Caitlyn on Fiesta tour !
Emil Lassaria & Caitlyn love being on the scene; that’s why the hard working in the studio, mixed with their huge experience in the club, starting from 2008, make their releases an instant success and their live shows exceptional.
Their songs vibrate on the public’s feelings in the clubs in Romania and other countries, like: Italy, Morocco, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Turkey, Albania… Which brings booking from clubs in these countries and also lots of views on their Facebook and youtube channels.

Emil Lassaria on Facebook         Caitlyn on Facebook

Recently we introduced the video of Fiesta, which was filmed in the Maldives.

In May we announced that new songs of 2013 were released on their YouTube Channel,Quedate and Noche Loca already being part of their live show, along Fiesta and Milionar de vara the first song in romanian Caitlyn feat Mr Diliman

In order to show you their 2013 liveact we made a video with their recent shows.

During 2012 the two artists released several songs on Emil Lassaria’s Youtube channel, and the feedback was quick. There are some numbers in the past 17 months since the project started:
over 32 million views, over 34.000 subscribers
Tu Amor over 10,2 million views (only on his channel)
Guantanamera 2012 5,6 million
Dejame 5,1 million
Serenata 3,3 million
These numbers prove that  Emil Lassaria & Caitlyn are on top 3 most watched artists on YouTube in Romania. 
Their show is always 100% live, this is why they always bring the technical rider (players, mixer, voice processor, microphone) so that they can perform at their highest standards.
The show’s in clubs duration is 2 hours, of which 45 minute liveact; it includes the songs mentioned and others: Loca LocaAndaleLove Letter…, on open air events is only the liveact (without dj set)
Every club manager wishes to bring notorious artists in their club so that they raise their profit, increase the club’s good name, have more clients and keep them close. Emil Lassaria & Caitlyn make all these targets easy to achieve… Are you one of these managers?

Although we are in full season and there are no available dates for weekends we can book for the autumn (September-October)

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Dan Ene



Exclussive booking for:
Emil Lassaria & Caitlyn / Raoul Russu / Dj Almud / Dan Ene / Suie Paparude / Sean Jaydee 
Ralmm & Alexandrina / The Gemini Bros / Treitl Hammond / Emmie Rush /

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